Launch of Better Referendum online toolkit

Posted on May 26th, 2016 by Alexandra Meakin

The Crick Centre, working with the Electoral Reform Society, has launched an online democratic toolkit to bring the EU referendum debate into local communities.

‘Better Referendum’ allows people to organise EU debate ‘meetups’ to go through the course and get both sides of the arguments – from experts and campaigners. The toolkit aims to build a better, more informed EU referendum debate – away from personality politics and party spats. Instead, the toolkit aims to promote a vibrant and enjoyable EU referendum debate, looking at the real issues, from crime and defence to the economy and immigration – to help cut through the spin and have a grassroots referendum debate that we deserve.

Better Referendum was trialled in Sheffield on Monday 23 May with a citizens’ assembly style meet-up at St Mary’s Church. Forty people from across Sheffield met to discuss the issue of migration, and heard from academics and the Leave and Remain camps.



The Big EU Debate – trialling the Better Referendum toolkit in Sheffield on 23 May

Go to the Better Referendum toolkit

The Better Referendum toolkit is a joint project between the Electoral Reform Society, University of Westminster, University of Sheffield and University of Southampton.