Launch of Crick Centre Biennial Report

Posted on March 16th, 2017 by Amy Fedeski

The Crick Centre has published its Biennial Report, which charts the first two years of its existence and the number of successes it has had.

During its first two years, the Crick Centre has established itself as an inter-disciplinary, externally facing research centre for the analysis and promotion of democratic innovation and inclusive, engaged citizenship.

Since 2014, the Crick Centre has:

  • secured nearly £1 million of research funding
  • developed a portfolio of ongoing research programmes
  • developed a significant international media profile
  • created a powerful digital footprint
  • worked with Sony to deliver a global competition on political photography
  • published a large number of research articles and books
  • provided the foundations for two successful ESRC Future Leader grants
  • achieved representation on a number of professional and funding bodies
  • created and provided new impact-related training opportunities
  • launched a major new book series on Anti-political and democratic crisis
  • co-authored research reports with a range of think tanks, government bodies and parliamentary units
  • played a leading role in a number of All-Party Parliamentary Groups
  • formed research based relationships with over 120 Associate and Practitioner Fellows
  • founded the Crick Centre annual lecture

The Biennial Report can be found in full here: Crick Centre Biennial Report