Seminar on Far Right Political Parties

Event Date : November 1st, 2017

On 1st November 2017 Dr Duncan McDonnell, Senior Lecturer at Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia) will be visiting the Crick Centre to give a lecture on far right parties in the European Parliament. This kicks off our new series of events at the Sheffield Department of Politics entitled ‘The End of The Liberal World?’.

Dr Duncan McDonnell, Griffith University

The seminar will address how right wing populist parties cooperate in the European Parliament. Why are right-wing populists in the European Parliament divided between three different groups? And why, at the same time, have more of them than ever before come together in the European Nations and Freedom (ENF) group?

Using party position data and interviews with key figures from 11 parties, Dr McDonnell will discusses how right-wing populists now adopt two main international alliance strategies: “respectable radicals” like the Danish People’s Party preference the domestic legitimacy gained through EP alliances with more moderate parties over ideological coherence. By contrast, the ENF group, spearheaded by the French National Front, represents a ‘coming of age’ for other radical right populists, reflecting the desire to create a lasting transnational group composed of parties unashamed of their commonalities.

The seminar will be from 4.15-5.45pm in Elmfield Room 215, at the Department of Politics. Tea and coffee will be priovided.

You can find more information about our seminar series, and register to come along, here.