Crick Deputy Director visits Mexico

Posted on July 24th, 2015 by Helena Taylor

The Crick Centre is pleased to announce its successful first year of collaboration with the Department for Political Science and Public Administration at Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, in Monterrey, Mexico.

In April 2015 Dr Matt Wood, deputy director of the Crick Centre, visited UANL to begin analyzing new data on the political participation of young people in Monterrey, comparing with participation in the UK. Led by Dr Claire Wright, lecturer at UANL, the project aims to understand how youth participation is changing in the newly emerging industrial city, compared to the post-industrial UK context.


The research aims to provide important insights into how social and economic context influences how young people view and engage with politics. As part of the institutional collaboration, Dr Wood gave a lecture to UANL students about the 2015 UK general election, and held a research training seminar with PhD researchers.

PHD student Nilsa Marlen Téllez Morales described Matt’s lecture as an “enriching experience” which made her consider the importance of informal institutions whilst a further student, Lizbeth Gutierrez, commented that it has led her to become “very interested” in the evolution of politics in the UK.