New Crook Public Service Fellowships

Posted on November 24th, 2014 by Liz Wood

The Crick Centre is hosting new fellowships for civil servants and non-governmental organisations. These allow public service colleagues to spend time at the Centre in order to collaborate on producing theoretically-informed, policy-relevant research into the future of the state.

The Professor ADH Crook Fellowships, funded by the University of Sheffield, allow external professionals working in the area of public policy to visit the University for a year in order to collaborate on research projects with academics. The Fellowships are intended to provide Public Service colleagues with a chance to engage in the sort of thinking that they and their colleagues tell us can be inhibited by the pressures of day-to-day leadership and management. It is intended that the Public Service Fellows will engage in collaboration that offers mutual learning and fosters original, innovative thinking.

Fellows working with the Crick Centre are invited to develop specific project ideas that might contribute to debates about issues such as:

  • the disconnection between those governing and those governed
  • trust
  • political disaffection
  • changing perceptions about politics and politicians
  • the politics and management of public expectations concerning public services
  • parliamentary oversight of the state
  • citizenship education
  • co-production in both policy-making and academic research
  • the changing role and capacity of the core executive
  • the role of evidence in policy and politics
  • other relevant topics

The deadline for applications is Friday 5th December. For more information and to submit an application please contact our centre Manager Liz Wood.

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