Political Literacy Oversight Group publishes Capacity Report

Posted on August 25th, 2017 by webadmin

After being co-opted by the APPG for Democratic Participation as Lead Fellow for Citizenship earlier this year, Crick Centre associate James Weinberg has commissioned a report evidencing the research and expertise of his colleagues on the APPG’s Political Literacy Oversight Group.

As chair of the Political Literacy Oversight Group (PLOG), James Weinberg works with policy makers, academics and NGOs to scrutinise the work of the Minister for the Constitution, the National Citizens Service, and the Department for Education. PLOG also provides a constructive home for coordination and collaboration between industry experts; already this year the group has collaborated to share and communicate a host of educational resources about the 2017 General Election with schools up and down the country. The election itself ‘demonstrated that young people have an intense interest in shaping political outcomes through formal participation’, says Weinberg, ‘when they believe that the options available demonstrate capacity for real change. Young people in the UK are no less interested than their counter-parts in Europe but their comparative disengagement with formal politics is an alarming indictment of a system that has ill-equipped them with the skills and knowledge to feel empowered as citizens.’

Weinberg believes that PLOG and similar groups have an important role to play in bringing together those with the passion and expertise to alter the status quo. It is hoped that this Capacity Report will be of relevance to a wide range of actors interested in education and politics. Anyone wishing to speak to members of the group is welcome to contact Weinberg via the Crick Centre. This report will be stored permanently on the Crick Centre website for future reference.

Please follow the hyperlink to read Capacity Report in full now.