Seminar on Civil Society and Democracy

Posted on December 7th, 2017 by webadmin

Last week the Crick Centre hosted the last in the ESRC seminar series “Exploring Civil Society Strategies for Democratic Renewal”. The seminar, hosted at City University in London, featured presentations from academics and practitioners, and was accompanied by a photographic exhibition of artworks by Crick Centre Photographer in Residence Lucia Moron.

The focused on discussing diverse avenues, strategies, and themes through which civil society is advancing new democratic views of the economic sphere, and critically discussing opportunities, struggles, and normative challenges. In particular, the discussions considered the democratic promise of radical transformations at the interface of the economy, civil society, and technology, particularly those heralding alternative views of the global commons such as the sharing economy and digital currencies. The questions addressed at the workshop included:

  • How does civil society understand democratic potentials and deficits in the global economy?
  • What new political visions, strategies, and conflicts are emerging from technological innovations reshaping economic and social exchange?
  • How do these visions support alternative conceptions and mechanisms of democratic participation and governance at local, national, and/or transnational levels?
  • How do novel visions and strategies relate to conventional views of political democracy, existing mechanisms of democratic participation, and ‘old’ social forms of collective action and organisation?
  • What normative concerns and dilemmas are posed by increasingly individualized and/or technology-mediated forms of economic and political participation?

A full report of the event is available here: Event 6 – Report.