Seminar on populist right wing parties

Posted on November 2nd, 2017 by webadmin

The Crick Centre welcomed world-leading expert Dr Duncan McDonnell on 1st November to present on how radical right-wing populists cooperate in the European Parliament. Over 40 people from the Department of Politics, University of Sheffield and beyond attended the lively event.

Dr McDonnell argued that parties like UKIP, Swedish Democrats and the True Finns tend to cooperate to improve their image and respectability at the national level, rather than based on policy agreement. Presenting data from interviews and an expert survey of party positions, he showed why these parties organise in quite different groupings in the European Parliament, even though they agree on a right-wing populist agenda.


The event, part of The End of the Liberal World seminar series with the Department of Politics, welcomes speakers from across Political Science to talk about the rise of authoritarian nationalism and populism across the world. More information is available on the series Eventbrite page.