Our research

The Crick Centre is devoted to the study of people and politics. We conduct research that examines how the public perceive and engage in politics, how the public can be studied and understood, and how politics is changing in an increasingly digital world. We also promote engaged research and seek to work with actors beyond academe on our research themes.

Our research agenda covers two main strands:

Politics in a Changing World

This research strand explores what we mean and understand by politics in a changing world. Our research seeks to explore how politics is changing, how these changes are affecting political engagement, and how they affect how politics is understood. We are particularly interested in exploring the impact of digital technology on politics. We conduct research on public perceptions of politics, but also seek to understand how politicians, political institutions, industry and civil society around the world are addressing these shifts.

Studying the Public

This research strand raises methodological and conceptual questions about our understanding of the public. It explores how the public can be understood, how public opinion can be defined and studied, and how the public as an idea is invoked in politics (either in formal political processes or everyday political encounters).