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As an externally facing bridge between academia and the wider world, the Crick Centre is open to engagement and involvement with a broad range of people and organisations interested in promoting the public understanding of politics.

This includes organisations  ranging from University institutions and think tanks to schools and rugby clubs.

We offer a range of detailed opportunities for getting involved in our research, training and engagement, but the first step to getting involved is to become a Crick Centre Friend – simply email us to register as a Friend of the Crick Centre.

We will then keep you informed about activities and events that you might like to come along to.

You can also write to us with ideas for events or to ask for a member of the Crick Centre staff to come along and talk to your organisation, group or school.

In many ways the degree to which the Crick Centre reaches out to sections of the public within and beyond the United Kingdom depends to a great extent on the nature of the audience and the context or focus of the event.

There are no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ answers in terms of creative public engagement apart from the baseline fact that academics need to get better at talking to ‘multiple publics in multiple ways’.

If you have ideas for events or competitions or new forms of engagement – on-line or off-line – then please do get in touch.

The Vote is Not Enough

Crick Centre Associate Fellow Professor Henry Tam discusses some of the more sinister, hidden barriers to democratic politics in the West.

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