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The Crick Centre’s research agenda is broad and multifaceted, encompassing a range of problems with democracy. Matthew Flinders’ recent lecture at the British Library, ‘The Problem With Democracy’, sets out many of the intellectual challenges we tackle in the Centre.

The Crick Centre’s specific research projects range across five strands:

  1. Youth Politics and Citizenship led by James Weinberg

  2. Media, Science and Technological Change led by Matt Wood

  3. Politics, Art and Expression led by Holly Ryan

  4. Participation, Protest and Transformation led by Hendrik Wagenaar

  5. Political Institutions and Democratic Reform led by Kate Dommett

These strands show our broad and diverse research interests but they all come together through Bernard Crick’s concept of political literacy.

This concept was defined by Sir Bernard Crick as ‘a compound of knowledge, skills and attitudes’. It encompasses all three wings of the Crick Centre’s activities, including training (skills), public engagement (attitudes) and research (knowledge).

Filling a Democratic Deficit?

The Crick Centre publishes New Guidance on Extended Project Qualifications in Active Citizenship

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New project: analysing ministerial meetings

The Crick Centre launches new project, Who Meets Whom

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Media, science & technological change

Research that examines the challenges facing politics.


Discover our specific project work and how they revolve around the five core research themes.

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